Glee Jewelry is based in beautiful Victoria, B.C. on Vancouver Island where the abundance of natural beauty is almost overwhelming. You may notice many of our designs have an organic flair and compliment individual styles- whether you consider yours to be contemporary, exotic or simplistic.

Glee Supports Local Businesses.

Our website offers a limited collection of Glee Jewelry.  We encourage you to find a retailer near you and support local businesses in your community.


Most Commonly Used Materials By Glee


Glee uses a variety of high quality platings (see below). They are all coated with an anti-tarnish polish to ensure a long life. (See Care Instructions) All of our Metals are completely hypoallergenic as they are nickel and lead free.

Gunmetal - black nickel plating (*does not contain nickel*)

Antic - black nickel plating but lighter, more grey and less shiny

Copper - copper plating

Gold - gold plating in different tones

Silver - silver plating




Glee uses B-grade man made swarvoski crystal. The quality and look is equal to the A-grade, but they contain less lead which aligns with Glee’s hypoallergenic goals.


Amethyst crystals grow on the inside surface of agate geodes. Amethyst ranges in color from deep purple to pale lavender depending on the presence of manganese and iron.


A smokey quartz crystal can be lighter brown to almost black in colour and owes its color to free silicon. This crystal is very versatile- it can be dressed up or down.



A Druzy is a layer of crystals on stones. Water brings minerals onto a stones surface. When the water evaporates and cools, only the minerals are left behind and a druzy is formed. Depending on which stone a druzy forms on determines it’s color and properties.


Turquoise is highly variable in colour, shape and texture. Colour can range from pale sky blue to blue green with ribbons of brown and black that are composed mainly of copper deposits. We have both solid and conglomerated turquoise.


Labradorite or spectrolite is a grey/blue stone with lustrous blues and greens flashing inside it.

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